Costa Rica Investigations, S.A.
San José, Costa Rica
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Costa Rica Investigations, S.A.

(Serving Central America since 1999)

Our firm was founded in 1999 by legendary San Francisco private investigator Seth Derish and a former national police judicial investigator because they envisioned a Central American consultancy that was oriented towards serious civil and business investigations. The agency has continuously served in this capacity since inception and their reach continues to all Central American nations. The firm has evolved over time and has agents in almost every province in the country.

Our investigators provide thoroughly researched and detailed reports compiled with both public databases and our impeccable private sources. We carefully review and analyze information from dozens of public and private databases, and industry sources and produce a comprehensive and useful report to satisfy your information needs.

About Derish International:

Derish International is a California licensed private investigation firm managed by Mr. Derish. The practice is limited to servicing existing clients of Mr. Derish (or by referral) and includes due diligence background investigations; complex financial reporting; advising and directing clients to vetted international investigators or other professionals as needed. (CA PI 189048). Contact:

Our Services:

Should you request any of these reports, you will soon find out that our experience pays off. We go beyond ordinary sources of raw data and not only dig deep with both public source and proprietary databases, but also use our network of human sources to provide the client with a well thought out analytical report, that is concise but detailed. And we still actually talk to regular people to provide the human intelligence so desperately lacking in today’s fast paced technologically driven information marketplace.

Due Diligence:

One of our most sought after reports. Our thorough background checks include a search of civil and criminal litigation, professional licensing, real estate, motor vehicles, site visits, photos, English and Spanish media, reputational inquiries.

Investment Fraud:

We work with the victims to develop a factual base to their case and develop an investigation to identify the perpetrators of this fraud and document the chain of evidence for presentation to appropriate authorities. We also conduct an asset and background investigation in the suspects home countries for a companion civil prosecution.

Asset Report:

Real Estate and personal property, liquid assets, business involvement. We can also consult on strategies to collect from a debtor, both domestic and international.

Death Verification:

We work with many Northern American life insurance companies and their agents to verify the deaths of foreign nationals to satisfy claims. We keep a keen eye out for any frauds.

Intellectual Property:

We have actively purchased counterfeit goods and identified the supply chain for enforcement purposes. We actively attend IP conferences worldwide to maintain contacts in the legal industry that defends IP rights.

Location Reports/Missing Persons:

With an acute knowledge of the database systems in the country and contacts in every major region, we can quickly and efficiently locate your subject and/or provide you with a plan of action should it become difficult.

Coverage Areas:

  • Costa Rica * – all provinces
  • Panama
  • Nicaragua
  • Other parts of Latin America upon request
  • San Francisco, California *
  • Salem, Oregon *
  • Phoenix, Arizona *
  • United States -nationwide for due diligence/financial reports/locates
* Office locations


  • Council of International Investigators (C.I.I.)
  • World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.)

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Costa Rica Investigations, S.A.
San José, Costa Rica
U.S. Telephone: (415) 648-7007
C.R. Telephone: (506) 8881-3100

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Derish International
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